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I am so excited to introduce you all to an amazing singer from Australia. Kelli Brogan has a voice that is strong and versatile. Her ability to deliver the story within each song perfectly is breathtaking.  I found myself listening to her cover of “The Way We Were” over and over.

Brogan and I spoke about her introduction to country music through her mother. She explained how they would have rather long road trips while growing up, so they would often sing together. These road trips were a part of Brogan’s dance career. She and her brother competed together and won several awards. By the time Brogan was 21, she was a professional dancer and she placed her singing on hold.

Her life took a very dramatic turn on her 36th birthday. After being rushed to the hospital and told that you have a brain aneurysm, it is not hard to imagine how scared Brogan was. Listen to our conversation to hear Brogan describe the scary events that took place and why it made her re-evaluate her life.

In 2014, things took a positive turn for Brogan. She decided to record a Christmas CD to help raise funds for a stroke foundation. After hearing her sing, a record label head offered Brogan the chance to record and release a single. She seized the opportunity and has not looked back. Her single “But That Was Yesterday” drove her to generate more songs, which has led to the release of her latest single “Till the End.” This latest single is getting a lot of love and has been gaining more airplay on stations such as 92.6 The Blitz.

Brogan is currently working on the release of her first full-length studio album expected to release in September 2016. Be sure to stay up to date with Brogan by following her on social media. If you have not yet listened to our full conversation, please hit play now. We laughed so much as she shared many fun stories with me. Her personality is absolutely invigorating. I know you will just love her. ~Missy


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