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When I speak to a new artist, I have a general idea of things we will talk about; however, nothing prepared me for what I was going to learn from Shari Rowe. What is it about this country artist from Arizona that will draw you in? Her voice, personality, and story will mesmerize you.

Rowe comes from a musical family and began singing very early on in her life. She recalled singing harmony to the radio when she was five years old. Growing up in Arizona and horseback riding have provided this artist with great material to pull from. Her song “Family Gathering” is basically a theme song for families and captures those moments many of us fondly remember experiencing with our own families.

During our conversation, we spoke about the many festivals Rowe performs at. Some of these festivals are food festivals, which we both quickly realized are equally exciting for us. We love food. Listen to hear what she says about playing on stage while smelling some of the most amazing food. You are sure to laugh. Just when I thought our conversation couldn’t get any better, she unleashed a story on me that I was not prepared to hear. My mind was blown.

I read that Rowe was going to be playing the “Daisy Days” festival in Poland. I just kept thinking about that and needed to know how that came about. This is where our conversation turned into a mind-blowing story. Without giving it away, I will tell you that it includes a potato farmer, a search for a family crest, a refugee and an heir to the throne. Seriously, you need to hear this amazing story.

Rowe had me in awe when we were talking about her music video “Moonshine” off her EP Moonshine. Wait until you hear what this 1920’s reenactment music video has in common with the movies Water for Elephants and The Great Gatsby. This was the moment I admitted that I am completely addicted to one of these films. I also learned that Rowe’s husband landed himself a part in the music video. Be sure to watch the video after listening to our full conversation. You will surely have an entertaining time.

There is so much more to this amazing artist that I could probably write a book. For now, please download her EP Moonshine and follow her on social media to stay informed on all she has coming up in the future like The Big Sting festival at Bumble Bee Ranch on October 21, 2016. Check it out. ~Missy


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