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Ric Savage was born and raised in western North Carolina. This former professional wrestler turned historian is also an author and up and coming country artist. How did this artifact recovery expert make the transition into each of these careers?

During our conversation, Savage spoke about his parents to explain his background. For many, Savage is a pro-wrestler turned historian. The truth is, history is in his blood. Listen as he explains how it all started.

Establishing a career as wrestler “Heavy Metal” Ric Savage has led Savage to many great things in life. His show American Digger (later became Savage Family Diggers) on Spike TV is no exception. The show debuted in 2012 and brought in 1.2 million viewers each week. Finding artifacts from the Civil War was exciting for Savage. I asked him which of all the items were his favorite. Listen now to hear his answer.  His team, American Savage, has recovered many valuable items ranging from hundreds of Civil War bullets to a set of prehistoric shark teeth. I think my favorite of his finds is Civil War era beer bottle.

Savage later joined forces with Erik Turner from Warrant to form The Savage-Turner Rock Express Radio Show. Streaming worldwide, the show consists of Savage and Turner interviewing guests from musicians to professional wrestlers and others from all genres of entertainment. Savage explained that he likes to find out who his guests are fans of. Well me being me, I had to ask him the same question. Listen to our full conversation now for all the fun and exciting details including who he has shared the stage with.

For Savage, it was just a matter of time before he turned to music himself. Now as a country music star on the rise, his debut single “Born to Be Wild” will be released on April 22, 2016. There are quite a few amazing artists playing on his album, so do not miss out. Listen to Savage explain who these artists are and then get ready to rock with them all. ~Missy


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