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For the first time in my career, I entered an interview with tears in my eyes and extremely strong emotions coursing through my veins. While researching Steven Ybarra, I came across a video of him singing a worship song titled, "I Need You More". Immediately, my heart was full and I needed to express to Ybarra how moved I was. I am pretty confident I caught him off guard. Listen to our conversation to hear this emotional start.

Ybarra is originally from Houston, Texas, though he currently resides in San Diego, Calif. He is an award winning songwriter and has been giving back to his community through his gift of music. One cause he supports is called Solutions For Change. Listen as he explains what this special organization does for those in need and what it means to him personally.

His third studio album, What I Really Want To Say,  was released in April 2015. The title track is beautiful and will leave a lasting impression on those who listen to it. There is a common theme to each of his songs and albums. Ybarra is in love with his family. We spoke about the love for his wife and children that show through each of his videos and especially in the song "Best Days". Listen as Ybarra becomes emotional while speaking to me about the great amount of love he has for his beautiful family.

Though we had some tender moments during our conversation, we also had some fun and entertaining ones that even include surprise guests. As you probably guessed, I will now be prompting you to listen to our complete conversation. Ybarra even gave us some insight as to the rules and expectations of singing the National Anthem. It is true. You learn something new every day.

Do yourself a favor and head over to his website now. Get to know the man who blends Modern Country music with Pop and Gospel seamlessly. Follow him on social media and download his latest album What I really Want To Say from iTunes now. Again, the links have been provided for you, so no excuses. You will absolutely love Ybarra and the level of talent he possesses. ~Missy




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