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When two friends find a connection as powerful as music they are bonded for life. Chuck West and Rodney Blakely have found that. They have been friends for many years, both have experienced heartbreak, loss and many great moments. These two men also served in the Army and have partnered with Heart Songs for Veterans to give back to veterans in need.

In addition to music, these two musicians are also avid sports fans. They spoke with me about a special sports radio show that they will be hosting, beginning April 2016. This sports show isn't going to be like any of the ones that are out there today. Listen to them explain why.

When speaking to West and Blakely, I was inspired by their story. They began working together in 1986 as studio musicians. While West played percussion in high school, Blakely was self-taught on the keyboards. I am always intrigued by artists who have the ability to pick up an instrument and begin playing without formal training. Listen to our full conversation to hear how they got their start in music.

Coined as "The Beltway Groove", their sound is a collaboration of different music genres. West and Blakely explained how they came up with the title during our conversation. We discussed their music crossing over different genres and which was their favorite. These two artists have a strong passion and an even strong drive to keep growing.

With the release of their debut EP Better Than Yesterday, fans have been delighted to hear sounds of groove, funk, rap, soul, and more. Listening to their song "Miss Muffit", I could not help but feel entertained. Within the true story lyrics of this song, I could hear a deep and almost scary laugh. List to our conversation to find out why the laugh is there and where it came from.

Go download their music and follow them on social media. Support them so that they can continue to help veterans in need. ~ Missy


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