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Living in New York can be a very exciting place for aspiring new artists. It is a vibrant state full of life, entertainment and opportunity. Gina Zavalis is one lucky artist who cannot only sing, she can act as well. For her, being on the New York City stage has been a huge part of her career.

During our conversation, Gina shared with me what it is like performing in a city full of other musical career hopefuls. I often times wonder if people feel like it is a competition to obtain bookings, but Gina said it was nothing like that for her. Listening to her share such positive words about her experiences made quite an impression on me. 

Gina's self-titled debut EP has gained her a lot of attention in the industry. iHeart Radio even named her "Artist to Watch." With her songs I am Here and Reach for Me  getting radio play worldwide it is not hard to imagine the excitement she must feel. When you combine these accomplishments with being compared to Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand and Adele, you can imagine how incredible that must feel. Listen to our full conversation to hear us speak about these comparisons and what that feels like for her. 

Gina Zavalis has made great strides in her musical and acting career thus far and shows no signs of slowing down. I would not expect anything less from this classically trained vocalist who is always hard at work. Those who continue to train and work hard for themselves and for their fans are remarkable. Gina is definitely one artist that you need to get familiar with. 

When I asked Gina what she had planned for 2016, her response was great. She was so filled with excitement and though she could not give it all away, she sure tried to give us some hints! She will soon be debuting a new song in New Jersey and will be hosting an intimate acoustic show in Brooklyn that she promises will be up close and personal. 

After you listen to our fun conversation, please go follow her on social media and download her stellar work. Your only regret will not be doing that! ~Missy


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