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What would you do if your music career happened over night? If you are Nick Alligood, you take a leap of faith. Growing up in a small town in Georgia, securing a job that he loved (which provided financial stability) was already a big accomplishment for Nick. Was it enough? 

During our conversation, I asked Nick about his transition to Nashville. Several artists before him have had to make this same decision. For some, it is easy. For others, it comes with a set of challenges. Listen as Nick explains what it was like to take a "Leap of Faith" and follow his dream. 

With his debut EP Chaser already having success in all 50 states and seven countries, it will not be long before Nick Alligood is a name that everyone knows. His current single "Better on a Barstool" is a great song that is gaining him a lot of attention. He informed me that the video for Better on a Barstool will be coming out in March 2016. I am looking forward to the visual creativity that will no doubt be put into the video's production.

Having friends in the music industry such as Tyler Rich, who was recently on tour with Dustin Lynch, is great for support and creative ideas. It was watching his support for Tyler on social media that stood out to me. Something I often see in the country music world is amazing friendships among artists. Nick had some great things to say about his time with friends in Nashville. Listen to our full conversation to learn about these times with his friends including the "Supper Club" and his introduction to the addicting and very funny "Dub Smash" app! All I can say is that you will certainly be entertained.

Go listen to our conversation now and watch his videos. Download his debut EP Chaser and let us know what you think! ~Missy


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