Seven Comic Night Breakdown, Part Four: Wade Wammer

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Part four is the last of our Seven Comic Night Breakdown. I hope you have continued with us during our mini-series of laughs from these seven funny people. Now if you have the opportunity to catch any of these seven Comedians, it will definitely be worth it. I give credit to any who can get on a stage and entertain an audience. I give even more credit to those who do it despite dealing with personal issues that may have normally held them back such as anxiety, stress, social disorders, etc. Please go out and support these entertainers.  

As our drinks arrived, so did the next performer, Mr. Wade Wammer. He was our second Comedian of the night. Wade is a very tall man with a shiny, shaved head and sharp facial features. He told the crowd as soon as he got on stage, "I know what you are all thinking. You are all thinking I look like the dude from Despicable Me." The audience then let out a big roar from that recognizable comparison. Laughter ensued with many shouting "Oh yeah" and "So true," now that they all realized why Mr. Wade Wammer looked so familiar. Google a picture of the character, Gru, from Despicable Me, and you will see what he means. I loved that he pointed it out right off the bat. Wade smiled at us as we laughed very hard at his first joke. It was clear by his expression that he was feeling the crowd's good vibe. He and the audience hit it off as he went into a routine of "Tupac" family nicknames (Tupac was is favorite Artist/Rapper, may he RIP). The names he came up with were great and funny. I think even Tupac would have laughed at the routine. 

After the show, I managed to catch Mr. Wammer outside, as we were all leaving the club for the night. During this On The Spot Talk, you can hear Wade tell us, how he got started in stand-up, what he feels his comedy is about and what he feels he can bring to the table for people like you and me. Frankly, he lived up to his goal of wanting to bring some fun and laughter into people's lives, to give us a much-needed break and to provide us with that little something to make us feel happy for a few hours. Wade Wammer, you gave us a night of funny entertainment and something to laugh at. Because of that and your great disposition, we will forever remember you (as GRU! HA!) and will come out to see you again.  

In our conversation, you can hear Mr. Wammer offer to put me on his guest list to come out and see him at his next upcoming show. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. Next time, though, next time. I am Dilly Brigs. Thanks for letting me bring a little bit of entertainment to you. I really appreciate it, as do these funny entertainers that do their best to bring it too.


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