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Meet Spencer and Sidnye. These two artists make up Sugar & Steel. Their original plan was not to be a duet; however, as fate would have it, that is exactly what they are. They are an incredible duet with a chemistry between them that is not easily duplicated.

In 2012, while both were in college, attending an Open MIC Night, they met and ultimately fell in love. During our conversation, they explained how meeting one another for the first time was and how their connection sparked a move to Nashville. Though each of them attempted a solo career, they decided to form a duet shortly after getting married in 2014. 

While watching their videos, the love they have for one another is undeniable and simply breathtaking. We spoke a lot about that. I told them that every girl wants her guy to look at her the way Spencer looks at Sidnye. It really is so beautiful to witness. The song that captivated their love the most to me was "Loves to Love." 

Their voices blend extremely well together and when you combine that with their unwavering love for each other, magic is created. The energy they posses is enticing and I found myself joining in on the fun while watching at home from my computer! All their songs are great. All of them have a story. My favorite is "Getaway Car." We talked about a quote I read, "There is a song for that." Spencer and Sidnye explained to me how that quote came about, and again I found myself listening intently. Please listen to our fun conversation for more on these two very talented artists. 

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