Seven Comic Night Breakdown, Part One

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Yes, you read right. There were seven comics performing on this cool November night. With skin so fair, comedian Keith Reza headlined there. But there were also six other funny people ahead of him, so let's get to talking first about them. The Brea Improv Comedy Club was full of patrons anticipating a fun evening, being so many comics were scheduled. Performing along with headliner Keith Reza were comedians Patrick Fowler – MTV; Wade Wammer - Smooth Magazine; Chanele Davidson - TapHouse Finalist; Denise Shue - Improv Regular; Barry Weisenberg - Las Vegas Comedian Competition Winner; and Darryl Blackshere – HBO/BET. All very funny comics in their own very unique ways. 

We are breaking down each interview, releasing a portion of this funny night to you, our awesome readers, one part at a time, while giving each comic interviewed their own respect and a fair share of coverage. So I hope you enjoy our review of this night of laughs, as much as I enjoyed writing it. And seeing it. And laughing at it.

We will start with the three funny comics I was unable to get an interview with though I still enjoyed their performances. Patrick Fowler, Chanele Davidson and Barry Weisenberg.

A few friends and I were seated midway to the stage as the first comedian of the night came on. It was Patrick Fowler, a guy with a funny routine about his seven-year-old son getting him into awkward situations, by being kind of a smart ass kind of kid. Patrick went into funny inappropriate things kids say... to others.... then looking at him (Dad) as if he was the one who wanted to know this awkward thing. Ha! Something any parent out there can relate to. He then brought up how he's noticed how surfers seem to rub their nipples as they speak and he gave some great laughable lines of surfer names he has come across. Patrick Fowler was a good opening act and he set the mood for the night.... A good mood, for a good night.

The first female of the night, ironic choice of words, was doing what she could to look as good as she did. Very busty and hippy with a small waist, wearing a tight mid-drift top and tight jeans to match, claiming she, "Works hard to look that good, being born and raised with stripper training 101!” HA! Chanele was great. She was dark and edgy. Not the normal 8:00 date night, happy-go-lucky, comic-type, no. But every now and then you have to throw in a darker side comedian to shake things up. I liked her comebacks to the audiences "OOOHS and WOWS!" By picking someone out and asking, "Too close to home?" Which of course delivered in the right manner can make the audience turn around and laugh instead. Which we did, so she proved she was able to do so. 

The next comedian was introduced as, "The King of one-liners." He also happens to be a Las Vegas Comedy Competition winner as well. I tell you, the title fit suit! Barry Weisenberg... One of the Comedians we ventured out to see this night, hopped on stage with lots of enthusiasm and at once went into his quick-witted one-liners, not giving too long of a chance for us to take a deep breath in-between jokes. Yea, he was that good. Barry had us all laughing pretty hard from his hyper behavior and his Jewish jokes..... Of masturbating in the docs office..... During exams! He also told a few old family secrets. At one point Barry told a little story about Grandpa's reaction to Grandma's breast implants that had the whole crowd in such an uproar with laughter that he paused and gestured to bring it. I can honestly say, we all laughed so hard at this particular visually and verbally animated joke that Barry Weisenberg cupped his hand to his ear to listen to our much-appreciated belly laugh response. It actually took a few minutes for the riled up crowd, to calm down, to which he says, "I know what joke to tell tomorrow!" Barry was a blast but eventually had to leave the stage. Definitely, catch him if you can.... 

Catch all of them! Supporting your local and non-local performers, whether it be comedians or musicians (my favorite) or other types of artists, is the best thing we can do to give back to those who try to bring us a break of enjoyment in a world of ever-changing chaos. 

So please keep checking back for this continued article, with each now having a different interview attached, and hear what the next four awesome comics had to say about performing and what they are all about. As Keith Reza and I were nearing the end of his interview, heavy hitter Darryl Blackshere, who I had spoken to previously, walked up and joined our conversation. So you get to hear him after all. He and Keith's interview will be released as one and then Denise Shue and Wade Wammer will each have their own release date following as well. They are all funny people and worth the listen. This is Dilly Brigs and I managed to get four, On-The-Spot-Talk interviews with some very funny people. I hope you check back to catch those audios. You never know who will end up being your favorite comedian!



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