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We all have that friend who has a crazy story to tell. We have all heard the expression "being in the right place at the right time." Most of us just never thought it would happen to us. Luckily for Katie Lee that is exactly what happen. Listen to our conversation to find out how a chance encounter with Matty Amendola, who sat in as drummer for Adam Levine, paid off!

Katie grew up in a town that did not have much activity as the nearest Mall and movie theater was about an hours drive away. Sure there were ways of entertaining oneself, but Katie wanted more. Music called to Katie. Her single mother supported her dreams from the start. As Katie searched for her way, she booked her first professional gig and began performing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines. She sang every genre she could and showcased her vocal abilities. We talked about that experience and how her mother felt about her being onboard a cruise ship for so long. 

Not long after she had that experience, Katie started researching places in New York to work. Talk about a smart girl with a plan to get herself heard. Listen as she tells me the thoughts she had that led her to her next move. This girl has drive. She is also very smart, talented and funny. I had a blast listening to her share so many stories.

2016 is going to start off with a bang for Katie Lee. Her new five-song EP, Real Religion, comes out on January 22, 2016. Though I cannot give away details of the songs, I will tell you that the video for the self-titled track is brilliant and I immediately was captured by it. You will be able to hear a wide range of style on this album that showcases what her voice can do. The overall message on this album is exactly what our world needs more of today. 

Please go follow Katie Lee on social media. Send her a message and get familiar with this incredibly talented young woman. Definitely, go listen to our conversation if you have not already. I know you will fall in love with her. ~Missy


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