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Energy. Tenacity. Perseverance. Hard work. These are the necessary traits it requires to be successful in the music industry. These are the qualities that artist David Pollack possesses. With his smooth and soothing voice, he will immediately enchant you. His background is one that will also pique your interest.

Often times we may see a movie that intrigues us with events we never knew existed such as, "Camp Rock". Those camps are very real and very life changing. During my extremely fun conversation with David, we spoke about his experiences at Bucks Rock Creative Arts Camp and the Berkley School of Music Summer Program. As you can imagine there was more to these camps than just music. David laughed as he recalled his time there. I have to admit, I was immediately envious that I did not have the same opportunity after hearing how amazing it was.

After attending these special programs, David continued to pursue a career in music. He participated in internships and continued to perform music through college. He was a part of the Jazz and Vocal ensemble, which led us to then talk about his musical influences. Listen to our conversation to see who the inspirations were for David.

One of my favorite points of this conversation was talking about artist growth. Whether you are a singer, songwriter, journalist, teacher, etc., you can always go back and rewrite your work and make it new. You can redesign a plan or a song. Many great artists have taken a song that was written years prior, just to break it down and breathe new life into it. Listen to find out which of David's songs will be getting reworked. I cannot wait to see the result. 

Today, December 11, 2015, David releases his new single, "I Saw Your Future". The story on how this song came to be is breathtakingly beautiful. I know my words will fall short of doing it justice, so please listen to David explain how a chance encounter with a lyricist at a coffee shop gave birth to such an incredible song. I look forward to all this young artist has to give the music world. Please go download this exquisite song and others from his catalog. Enjoy! ~Missy


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