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When you meet someone who, like you, enjoys a cup of coffee at 11:00 pm, you know you are going to have a great conversation. It did not even occur to me that we were on the phone for 55 minutes, but we were. Kendal Conrad and I spoke about everything. This artist immediately had me feeling like we were old friends that needed to catch up on time passed. 

One of the first things we talked about was her amazing performance on stage with Keith Urban. It was during Musikfest 2014 in PA. Listen to her explain how she entered the contest and what it was like finding out that she won. As you will hear in the video, Keith calls her and her mother "Baby". When I asked her about that experience, the response she gave was not at all what I was expecting. Be sure to watch the video of her stunning performance with Keith after listening to our conversation. It really is a great moment caught on film. 

What I found most interesting about Kendal is her intriguing personality. This young woman is very enchanting. Her spirit is free, she is genuinely happy and she always considers others. Her level of excitement for life is definitely infectious. We both talked about being crazy #FanGirls, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and the memorabilia her mom was lucky enough to get for her. I could not believe her mother was able to give her such an iconic piece of music history. We laughed as we continued to share stories, and as she told me about her iPod library. Here I thought I had an extensive music collection. Wait until you hear who her musical collection consists of. 

Kendal is also a phenomenal writer. Not only is she an award-winning songwriter, she has written two dark fantasy/horror novels. Though these novels have not yet been published, I would not count them out. Her mind is brilliant, her abilities are beyond most and her determination is immeasurable. It will not be long before this girl makes each of her many dreams come true. With the support of her family and friends, she is working on making each of those dreams reality.

One thing that sets Kendal apart from many other artists is her relationship to her fans. She is very aware of the time and effort her fans have given to her when they reach out and send a message or offer her positive comments. Her quote to fans left me in complete admiration of her..."I try to reply to every single person who leaves me a message because if you took the time to listen to my songs or write me, then I can take the time to thank you!" WOW! Thank you, Kendal, for being a practical and very real human that many can connect to. 

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Kendal Conrad Tour Dates

05/31/2024 : Northampton Community College : Bethlehem, PA
06/08/2024 : National Anthem for Tennessee : Sevierville, TN
06/29/2024 : Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats: Rehoboth Beach, DE

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