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Get ready to meet one of the most talented and positive people I have met. Zach Coffey is an artist with such an amazing outlook on life. I walked away from our conversation with a whole new respect for him. It is no wonder why his fan base is so loyal and continuing to grow. 

Zach Coffey and The Grind formed in 2013. Their first single, I Love You Anyway, soared to number eight on the Texas Music Chart and they have not slowed down since. The new album, Drive, is on iTunes and consists of ten incredible songs. 

Zach has had the pleasure of opening for artists that he had always listened to and admired. While poking around his Facebook and Instagram I came across a picture of him with Wade Hayes as well as a picture of him with Andy Griggs. As you probably guessed, I had to ask him about that experience. Listen to what he had to say about Wade and Andy during our conversation.

When an artist is able to offer something unique to their fans it becomes a more involved and fun experience. Get ready for a whole new kind of Coffey Breaks! I was very enamored by these videos posted on YouTube. Zach includes his fans in so much of what he does and it is so refreshing to see. In one of his Coffey Breaks, Zach asked fans which Keith Whitley song he should cover. I do not feel like spoiling it, so you must go watch!

One of my favorite things about Zach is his personality. You immediately get a sense of how much fun these guys must have together when you look at his social media posts! The things they have done to make others smile are surprising, fascinating and just a lot of fun. We shared quite a few laughs while talking about some Halloween photos he posted. Zach also shared with me some fun stories about how connected he is to his fans and explained how they have become his friends. It was so touching to hear about some of the experiences he has had with these fans. Listen to our full conversation to understand what I mean.

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