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Get ready to get stunned. I encounter many talented artists and sometimes they surprise me. Meet Karoline Rhett. This amazing artist is only 15 years old and has been wowing fans for years. It all started when she was only three years old. While attending an Amy Grant concert with her mother, Karoline along with several other children was invited up on stage with Amy. Before her mother could even ask her if she wanted to, Karoline was up on that stage! 

It was clear from a very young age that Karoline was destined for musical greatness. In 2010, she released her first album, Stirring Rainbows, at  only ten years old. What were you doing at ten years old? Listen to how she describes her first  experience in the studio.  In 2013, Karoline released her second CD, Melody, and as of November 3, 2015, she has released her third CD, Brave.

While speaking about her newest release, I wanted to touch on the title track, Brave. I listened to it over and over. There was a familiar sound to it. Listen to our conversation to find out what I mean. We spoke about many of the songs on this release, and I just have to say, I am IMPRESSED! Karoline has a voice that can easily be heard in any genre. One of my favorite songs is, "I'm the Melody". This is a song I could see on playlists of every student or on a soundtrack to a great film! 

Aside from the obvious talent this young female artist possesses, is her passion for teaching kids how to stand up to bullying. Karoline presented an anti-bullying message with her music as a part of the "Teen Nation Tour."  She is going a step farther and donating 50% of the proceeds of her CD, Brave, to Wings for Kids. She is also a member of the organization, Tunes for Tots." I wanted her to share more about what all this means to her so that fans could really get a sense of whom Karoline is and help her help so many in need. It truly was a pleasure to listen to her. The passion this young woman has for life and helping others is wonderful. 

Please go follow this special artist on her social media outlets. Check out her videos and become an instant fan. I recommend watching her video, Ordinary. Encourage every young man or woman to do the same. It is truly a remarkable song that I know will change lives. Thank you, Karoline, for being the compassionate young woman you are. It was a great honor being able to speak with you. Until next time! ~Missy

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