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How do you like your Whiskey? Me? I prefer Whiskey Honey! Meet Charlie, Heath, Ashley, and Stephen aka Whiskey Honey. In 2011, these four guys from Wilmington, North Carolina, got together to jam and have a few brews and...well formed a band! These guys are absolutely one of the best country rock bands I have heard. Just how did they come up with the name Whiskey Honey? Listen to our conversation to find out!

I am not the only one who was immediately intrigued by this incredible foursome. Mike Gossin from Gloriana heard them and knew they were special. He then teamed up with the guys to produce their first 4 song EP in 2013. The project was a success and the guys informed me that they are still working with Mike and we can expect even more awesomeness in the near future!

Sometimes during my interviews my inner #FANGIRL likes to sneak out and say crazy things. During this particular conversation, I seem to have invited Whiskey Honey to my next wedding to play their song, "If You Want My Heart"! It is a really good song! LOL, I am not even done with my divorce, nor have I been proposed to by anyone, but apparently I could not let the opportunity pass me by. Yes, I am shaking my head as I type. Seriously though, wouldn't you ask if you could? Their response, well...just wait until you hear it.

When you become a fan of someone's music, often times it is fun to see who their influences are. Charlie has a voice that is familiar yet unique. It got us here at Center Stage thinking....could the man he sounds like be one of his influences? Go listen to find out who we thought of when hearing Charlies voice what they said to that! 

This was such a great conversation with Charlie and Ashley. I enjoyed every minute of it and can't wait for you all to get to know this amazing band. ~Missy


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