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Usually when I know I am going to have the opportunity to interview an artist, I throw myself into immediate research about them. Sometimes I am surprised by the level of their talent, and sometimes I am extremely intrigued by them as an individual. In this case, I was both. Leah Turner possesses an insane ability to sing with raw emotion that is raspy yet pure.

There is a lot to this fun, sassy woman with a powerful voice. Did I relate to her because she too is from California? Perhaps. It is her story, however, that captivated me. During our conversation, I became enthralled, listening intently to her as she recalled moments from her life leading up to this point. I was fascinated. Not every interview or conversation flows this naturally. It was like I was talking to an old friend and I genuinely wanted to know more. 

Piquing my interest was her song "My Finger" that I came across while researching her material. The lyrics were emotional on their own, but her ability to make you feel those emotions as she sang struck my curiosity. I just had to know if in fact this song was a very personal song for her. How could it not be? The delivery was so brilliant, I was instantaneously impressed. Not knowing how this woman (who doesn't even know me) would respond, I decided I had to ask regardless of the outcome. I am so glad I did. 

Leah Turner is an artist that once you connect with, you will want to follow for life. She brought her life to the surface as she began to tell the story of how "My Finger" was born. It was at that moment I realized how human she is. She is not just an artist with an astounding voice, she is a real woman that faces real issues like so many others. Please go listen to our conversation now! Connect with this remarkable woman/artist, follow her on her social media outlets, and stay tuned for her video premiere of "Cowboy's Love" set to release on November 20, 2015. All the best ~Missy


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