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From an early age JessLee showed that she had a love for music. It no doubt stemmed from her family of musicians. By the age of 3 it was clear to her family that Jess wanted to sing. She was always singing. As you wil hear in our conversation she credits her Grandparents, both of whom are musicians, as being her biggest inspiration. 

JessLee was 9 years old when she wrote her first song, "Hold it in Your Hands". She expressed to me that her grandparents were very proud of her writing ability, as most young musicians did not grasp the concept of writing a song with such ease. It is no wonder that her first song also earned her an award. 

I came across a song of JessLee's titled, "Mama Raised a Lady", and I was immediately hooked. The musical styling of this song combined with the incredible lyrics instantly made me envision Miranda Lambert singing this as a hit song! When I expressed this thought to her, she became overjoyed. 

JessLee had expressed her excitement in a Facebook post regarding a fan page someone had created on Twitter.  After seeing this, I couldn't help but ask her about it. I have no doubts that her fan base is going to continue to grow. Her stage presence and vocal abilities combined with her stellar writing and personality are sure to continue attracting new fans. So check her out now! ~Missy


JessLee began her Charitable Fundraising Campaign on October 24, 2015. She will be donating $2.00 for each sale of her EP "Just a Kiss" to the Combat Veterans Association. Simply click on the iTunes link above we set up for you for direct access! Thank You.


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