Dune Rats - 'The Kids Will Know It's Bullshit'

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Australian pop-punk trio the Dune Rats say The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit with their sophomore release. The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit can be described as an album with lyrics soaked in alcohol and ultimately reeking with the stench of youthful rebellion.

After listening to 11 undeniably risqué tracks, I found myself having flashbacks to summer nights- out at the beach with all my friends, doing things that 18-year-olds should not be doing which may or may not have led to running from the law. These lighthearted and adventurous times mimic the Dunies release in entirety. For example, “Six Pack” is reminiscent of the joy that’s washed over a group of teenagers when they manage to get their hands on some alcohol, even if it is just a six pack of beer that someone’s brother bought them.

Among the celebration of youth is simple yet pounding drums and about three bass chords that drive you through the album. Executed by Danny Beusa (guitar/vocals), BC Michaels (drums) and Brett Dransch (bass), The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit is about as straight forward as possible- "we’re gonna do what we want, and we don’t give a shit about your opinion of it".

Another stand out track is “Buzz-kill”, because there is just something about the lyric “fuck me, fuck you and your attitude” that resonates with my 18-year-old mind. “Bullshit” is titular to the album, and for the right reason. “Bullshit”, as a track, is practically the theme of this record- life’s a party and what anyone else has to say about it is, well, bullshit.

In just over thirty minutes The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit will cure any case of angst through its exemplification of a blithe disregard for responsibilities and overall carefree attitude.    


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Dune Rats Tour Dates

04/19/2017 ~ The Great Hall Toronto, Canada
04/20/2017 ~ Warehouse St. Catharines, ON
04/22/2017 ~ Dominion Tavern Ottawa, Canada
04/23/2017 ~ Turbo Haus Montréal, Canada
04/25/2017 ~ The Buckingham Edmonton, Canada
04/26/2017 ~ The Nite Owl Calgary, Canada
04/28/2017 ~ The Rickshaw Vancouver, Canada
04/29/2017 ~ GLC Whistler, Canada
05/01/2017 ~ Wild Bills Banff, Canada
05/03/2017 ~ The Drake Inn Canmore, Canada
05/06/2017 ~ Smolna Patio Warsaw, Poland
05/07/2017 ~ Klub 007 Prague, Czech Republic
05/09/2017 ~ Durer Kert Budapest, Hungary
05/12/2017 ~ Freakout @ Lughe Lugo, Italy
05/13/2017 ~ Treibhaus Lucerne, Switzerland
05/14/2017 ~ II Casotto Lugano, Switzerland
05/16/2017 ~ The Haunt Brighton, United Kingdom
05/17/2017 ~ Dingwalls London, United Kingdom
05/18/2017 ~ Stag & Hounds Bristol, United Kingdom
05/19/2017 ~ Actress & Bishop Birmingham, United Kingdom
05/20/2017 ~ Brudenell Social Club Leeds, United Kingdom
05/21/2017 ~ Soup Kitchen Manchester, United Kingdom
05/23/2017 ~ Le Point Ephnemere Paris, France
05/24/2017 ~ Darwin Bordeaux, France
05/26/2017 ~ GetMAD Festival Madrid, Spain
05/27/2017 ~ Upload Club Barcelona, Spain
05/30/2017 ~ MTC Cologne, Germany
05/31/2017 ~ Schlachthof Wiesbaden, Germany
06/01/2017 ~ Urban Spree Berlin, Germany
06/02/2017 ~ Molotow Hamburg, Germany
06/03/2017 ~ Cafe De Zwerver Oostende, Belgium
06/04/2017 ~ V11 Rotterdam, Netherlands
06/05/2017 ~ Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands
07/21/2017 ~ North Byron Parklands Eastwood, Australia

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