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CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Adam Rutledge

CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Adam Rutledge

326 days ago / Missy Wolf

Kicking off our coverage of CMA Fest 2018 this week is Adam Rutledge. Though Rutledge was not scheduled to be my first interview on day one of the four-day festival,  I am so glad he was.  After discussing lack of sleep and the excitement of the week, Rutledge a...

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06/01/2019 : Daleville Summer Concert Series: Daleville, VA
06/15/2019 : Elmwood Park: Roanoke, VA
07/05/2019 : Elmwood Country Night: Roanoke, VA
07/07/2019 : Adam Rutledge Live at the 2019 Salem Fair: Salem, VA
08/03/2019 : Mango's Bar & Grill: Moneta, VA
08/10/2019 : Mingle in the Market: Vinton, VA
09/13/2019 : Dr Pepper Park at the Bridges: Roanoke, VA
10/11/2019 : Flat Picking' Fridays: Daleville, VA