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Angie Dawn's Not So Secret Diary: John King

Angie Dawn's Not So Secret Diary: John King

173 days ago / Angie Dawn

During CRS 2019, I had the pleasure of interviewing country artist John King. The interview was pretty much a chick interview because I could not get past that lil' bundle of joy he and his wife have. Even though I did not get a chance to get my hands on her, I made him promi...

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08/31/2019 : Beecher Park: Yorkville, IL
09/01/2019 : Frankford, MO Bicentennial Celebration : Frankford, MO
09/05/2019 : Gingerbread Festival: Knott County, KY
09/07/2019 : Nicholas County Potato Fest : Summersville, WV
09/14/2019 : West Texas Fair: Abilene, TX
09/21/2019 : Green River City Park: Green River, UT
09/27/2019 : Middle Tennessee District Fair: Lawrenceburg, TN
10/05/2019 : Arkansas State University Beebe: Beebe, AR
10/12/2019 : Town of Gilbert: Gilbert, WV