Bailey Callahan & Kolt Barber

Bailey Callahan Music is 17 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, violinsit and a flautist! She recently just recorded her first album in Nashville with the members of Martina Mcbrides band. Bailey has played at the Blue Bird cafe, Belcourt taps, sang the national anthem at the Miami Marlins Stadium and other local places in Florida.

Kolt Barber is just a good, ole boy—plain and simple. He’s a hard-working, hands-on Georgia native who’ll be the first to say he’s endured bumps and bruises from life mistakes; but with a cowboy spirit that runs deep, the maverick has the tenacity to get back on the horse. He’s a devout patron of the land whose favorite canvas is painted from a front porch swing view that gazes across the crop fields and grazing horses. Marrying his passion for the land with his love for music, Kolt has spent years writing and performing before heartland country music fans. His dedication to his fellow blue-collar crop growers and livestock wranglers, and his country music following, make him a standout in both fields.