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Many artists have successfully crossed over into other realms of the entertainment industry and Tayler Holder is no exception. While Holder may have caught the public's eye by creating "Vines" like artists before him such as Shawn Mendes, Holder gained even more attention with his lead role in the Brat series DIRT. The show, which premiered in 2018, saw Holder portray the character of Luke, a motocross racer navigating the challenges of love and addiction while fighting to be number one in his sport. The best part of this story is how the lead role came to be. You will have to watch our fun conversation to learn what led to this career milestone.

Social media has played a significant role in Holder's rise to fame. With over 19 million followers on TikTok and over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube, he has a substantial online presence. His platforms are filled with humorous videos of him being goofy with his friends, giving fans a glimpse into his life. This strong social media presence has allowed him to connect with his fans on a more personal level and has been instrumental in his success.

During our conversation, Holder explained that his passion for entertainment was stronger than his desire to pursue an overpriced degree in a field he and many others might never use, so with the support of his family, the Texas-raised boy made his way to Los Angeles, California. After spending several years in California chasing his dreams and forging his path, Holder made the move to Nashville. Writing and collaborating with heavy hitters in Music City has enabled Holder to develop his sound, and create songs that tell his story his way. Wait until you hear Holder explain how he and Dylan Scott became friends which led to them sharing the stage. 

His upcoming single, "Nothin' But Neon", is set to be premiered at Center Stage Magazine. This single marks a significant milestone in his music career, as he continues to evolve as an artist. "Nothin' But Neon" is expected to showcase his versatility and growth as a singer-songwriter, making it a must-listen for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

Holder also shared some fun stories about passions other than music such as outdoor activities including hunting and dirtbikes. He has a particular fondness for dirbikes that made me curious about the extent of his off-road vehicles. You will have to watch and see how the conversation unfolded, however, I think it is safe to say that we may be seeing more off-road adventures sometime soon.  

As Holder continues to make strides in his musical journey and explore his other passions, his future continues to look bright. With the upcoming release of "Nothin' But Neon" and his continued presence on social media, he is poised to reach new heights in his already successful career. His journey thus far has demonstrated his remarkable versatility and commitment to his passions, making him a truly unique and inspiring figure in the entertainment industry. Keep your eyes on this one folks, he is going to soar straight to the top. While you have to wait until Holder's new single "Nothin' But Neon" comes out on May, 24th (23rd for our viewers), his current hit with Christian Artist, Cory Asbury, "Climb My Way To Heaven" is available for your listening pleasure now. Do yourself a favor and go stream it, download it, and add it to your playlist! ~Missy


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