Oliver Anthony Hosts Intimate Round-Robin in Nashville: A Heartfelt Journey

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In the heart of Nashville, amidst the bustling streets and the vibrant music scene, a unique and intimate gathering took place. Oliver Anthony, the rising country-folk prodigy, decided to host a round-robin session with industry professionals, offering a rare glimpse into his life, his music, and his journey thus far.

The event, held at THE GREENROOM Office, was a departure from the usual music showcases and press events. Instead, it was a candid, one-on-one conversation with the artist, where attendees were encouraged to ask questions and engage in a dialogue.

The atmosphere was electric, with anticipation and curiosity palpable in the air. As the round-robin started, Anthony welcomed the attendees with a warm smile, handshake, and humble demeanor that immediately put everyone at ease.

The first question was about his journey up until now, which covered social media, getting his songs to his 3000 monthly listeners on Spotify and 20,000 TikTok followers which may have been a modest amount, but it was enough to keep him adding more music. He explained that he had never played a live show and that he really was not a fan of crowds of people. Anthony then expressed that he had terrible stage fright. 

Anthony then explained the origin story for his viral hit, "Rich Men North of Richmond," and how it led to meeting his guitarist and how for the two of them things have felt so surreal from the beginning. Anthony then explained how he was getting his music uploaded through DistroKid and the use of "sketchy" websites which led to a room full of genuine giggles and smiles.   

After discussing how he was able to overcome his stage fright, the conversation then turned to the impact of his music on his fans. When asked about the stories he has heard from them, Anthony's voice grew soft. He shared how fans have reached out to him, expressing how his music has resonated with them, how it has given them hope in difficult times such as the loss of a loved one to addiction, and how it has helped heal them. Tears welled up in his eyes as he recounted these stories, showing the profound connection he shares with his audience. Anthony jokingly expressed that the connection with his audience has been so strong he could have led them anywhere, even to war as they have been 100 percent engaged at every show.

Anthony then went on to explain what it was like having so many record labels calling him at the same time and how he chose to navigate through that. The last thing he wanted to be was "a cow at the auction block for everybody to bid on". His thought process was simply to stay true to himself, even if that meant he did not go any further. Anthony acknowledged that he would be fine going back to his job and would be grateful for the success he already had. For those who have shared his music from the beginning, I have no doubts that Anthony will do his best to give back because that is who he is, genuine, kind, and grateful.

When the conversation shifted to his personal life, Anthony was candid about his annual income, expressing gratitude for the blessings his music career has brought him. He spoke of his family, who often join him on the road, and how this journey has allowed them to see different parts of the country together for the first time. His face lit up as he described the joy of sharing these experiences with his kids, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Throughout the round-robin, Oliver Anthony was transparent, open, and heartfelt. He shared his journey with an honesty that was both refreshing and inspiring. The event was a testament to the power of music to connect people and to the strength of Anthony's talent and character. It was a day that left a lasting impact on everyone in the room, a day that celebrated the beauty of raw, authentic storytelling through song. ~Missy



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