Dallas Remington Sings About The “Uncommon Man” But Maybe Wants To “Steal Your Dad”!

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This farmer’s daughter is writing up a storm in Nashville

You don’t have to have grown up on a farm to be a country singer and songwriter.  But if you ask Dallas Remington, she’ll probably tell you that it helps.

During this year’s Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville, we talked about her music including a string of singles she released over a twelve-month period. Meanwhile, back at the farm…

I asked Dallas to tell me the story behind “Uncommon Man” a song that she wrote with Courtney Bumbacher during the pandemic when touring and personal appearances had come to a sudden stop.

“‘Uncommon Man’ was actually an idea that Miss Courtney Bumbacher had because, just like me, she grew up on a farm,” explained Dallas. “She’s from a dairy farm in Western New York and I’m from a livestock farm in Western Kentucky.  She’d been bringing out this idea to different writers and nobody really understood it the way she wanted it to be understood.  She said to me, ‘I’ve just got this idea I want to write about my dad and it’s called “Uncommon Man”’ and I said, ‘Yes, sister! Let’s write it!’”

“Uncommon Man” was the first song that Dallas and Courtney had written together, but it was the ideal writing partnership based on their shared backgrounds.

“I mean, we pulled from everything we knew from growing up on farms,” she told me. “We even both called our dads during the write and asked, ‘how would you say this? We want you to understand it.’ Our families were a huge influence on that song and we wouldn’t have had it without them.”

Dallas summarized “Uncommon Man” this way: “It’s like a ‘thank you’ to our dads and our families and the life that were given and raised up on because we wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Uncommon Man” obviously resonated with a lot of listeners. The song has already exceeded 700,000 organic streams on Spotify and charted #43 on the Billboard Country Indicator Chart as well as #24 on the MusicRow Country Breakout and #4 on the CDX True Indie Chart.

You can find “Uncommon Man” at Spotify and watch a lyric video of the song with a montage of family farm photos at YouTube here.

Going into 2022, Dallas set herself a specific goal of recording and releasing a new song every month for twelve months. She talked about her motivation for taking on this project that would consist of her twelve favorite songs that she had written but not yet released.

“We could leave them and let them sit there and wait until we have a record deal or someone comes along and wants a cut on them, or I could just release them myself,” she said.  “These are songs I’m proud of so I decided to just go ahead and release them and let the world finally hear them.”

However, even the best laid plans have a way of changing as they unroll.

“It was funny, though, because we had all of them lined up, but I ended up writing new songs too throughout the year,” she explained.  “I think the last six singles that were released weren’t written until last year either, so it helped me find who I am as an artist even more than I already knew. It was a great project for me and a great way for me to finally get the music out there. I think it worked out because it showed people so many different sides of me, and I have different sides. I’ve got the rocker, I’ve got the traditional country, I’ve got all of that in me. It was a way to release whatever we wanted without someone telling me what I could or couldn’t release. People got to know me through those songs.”

The ’twelve songs in twelve months’ actually turned into a baker’s dozen of thirteen tracks, all of which were co-writes. One of those tracks was “Steal Your Dad”. Dallas told me how that witty song came about.  

“Steal Your Dad” was written with Cindy Torres and Nancy Deckant who are two of my songwriting sisters and two of my first co-writers ever when I was fourteen and started writing songs,” she said.  “It was a really fun song to write. It was really rare because it actually started as a solo write and I’m very particular in how I want songs written and I want them to be the best possible, so I will normally start a song and forget about it. I don’t ever take it to anybody. We have better songs to write.”

But this song would take a different journey. 

“I started “Steal Your Dad” in the car one night. I was just feeling it. I had this thought, like, ‘You know what? You stole my man, so I’ll steal your dad!’ I got the melody in the car, I started writing it, I got home with a few lyrics. I’ll never forget, I played it for my mom and she was like, ‘Well, that’s something!’” recalled Dallas with a laugh. 

“I got to my writing session the next day and I said, ‘Y’all, I started writing this song last night by myself and I basically just need someone to tell me it’s too stupid to continue. Just tell me it’s dumb, let’s not finish it.’ And they were like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’ve got to write this song!’ So we ended up writing it, finishing it in like an hour and I posted the first video that day. It got around 20,000 views on Tik Tok instantly and got a couple of hundred thousand over on Facebook, so it was one of those songs that was right place, right time.  A lot of people like the goofy songs!”

There’s an interesting story behind another track: Dallas’ country version of a Metallica song.  She told her band that she wanted to release some acoustic covers of songs that people wouldn’t expect to hear from her.

“My dobro player, Lance, made a joke and he goes, ‘Okay then, a dobro version of “Enter Sandman” and I said, ‘You probably don’t know this but that is one of my favorite songs of all time and the fact that you just said that, we’re doing it!’ And literally a week later, we were in the studio recording Metallica’s ‘Enter Sandman.’  I just love it and I think it’s hilarious that he said it as a joke and then we cut it.”

In fact, most people listening to her music wouldn’t guess that she grew up playing bass in a metal band as well as singing Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline.   

Dallas has already come a long way since the release of her first Billboard Indicator Top 40 single, “Princess,” which charted in the top 40 on the MusicRow Country Breakout Chart. In addition to her radio airplay, she enjoyed the success of over a million views of the supporting video and her first video featured on CMT.

Find out more about Dallas Remington at her website, on Facebook and at her YouTube channel.  Follow her on Instagram and Twitter and find her music on Spotify.  #DallasRemington 


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