Press Release: Pepper Jay Named Outstanding Music Producer for "My Heart Can't Breathe" by John Michael Ferrari

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Pepper Jay Named Outstanding Music Producer for "My Heart Can't Breathe"

Producers Choice Honors names Pepper Jay Outstanding AC Music Producer for John Michael Ferrari's single, "My Heart Can't Breathe"



Al Bowman, creator and executor producer of the Producers Choice Honors awarded Pepper Jay "Outstanding Music Producer" for the radio chart-climbing single, "My Heart Can't Breathe" by John Michael Ferrari. Ferrari's single is receiving airplay nationally and internationally.

Reviews of "My Heart Can't Breathe" have been breathtaking. “'My Heart Can’t Breath' constitutes a high point in the artist’s catalog." The award-winning singer-songwriter, John Michael Ferrari has returned with a generous and emotional single, entitled “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, that suggests a mature, philosophical perspective on painful memories of a broken relationship, without losing his impish sense of melody and taste for lavish organic arrangements. Fittingly, then, it’s a song that takes stock, both lyrically and musically – imparting lessons learned over time and giving John Michael another chance to showcase his versatility as a songwriter, not to mention that gift of a voice, equally impressive as a languid croon, or when reaching resonant heights. It’s immediately apparent that working with producer Pepper Jay, is a good fit. Pepper has created something that has a fresh pop feel, while giving a nod to classic singer-songwriter tracks, all the while curbing any tendency to veer off on indulgent musical tangents, allowing John Michael Ferrari’s voice to dominate, with the support of Tania Hancheroff’s backing vocals. Indeed, “My Heart Can’t Breathe”, is all crisp, multi-tracked pianos, electric guitars and swooning harmonies." Soundlooks 2021

“John Michael Ferrari’s latest single 'My Heart Can’t Breathe' is merely a masterwork of Americana soul stretched over a frame of lean rock and pop. Pour a tumbler of whiskey, twist up the volume knob sink into this foot-tapping, heartfelt groove, for a trip through some painful memories of an afflicted heart that manages to digest and acknowledge the event of loss with dignity and self-awareness.” TunedLoud! 2021

“John Michael Ferrari sings the breakup blues in his song 'My Heart Can’t Breathe.' Though the song is about heartache, he presents emotional lyrics in a catchy country/AC track that showcases his true artistry.” – Independent Music and Arts Inc 2021

“His newest song, 'My Heart Can’t Breathe,' also represents his inexplicable ability to create relatable music. … a catchy song that translates to thousands.” Pitchfork 2021

"Award-winning recording artist John Michael Ferrari again impacts the music world. His recent single, 'My Heart Can’t Breathe', is an emotional breakup song that literally catches one’s breath." Loggins Promotion 2021

John Michael Ferrari and his music is no stranger to award ceremonies. Recently, Ferrari was voted Crossover Artist of the Year by New Music Awards 2021, awarded Triple A Album of the Year 2021 for his album "Be the Smile on Your Face," and he won the Ignition Country Radio Contest in the United Kingdom in March 2021.

Pepper Jay has produced John Michael Ferrari's music for over 30 years. She is often heard to say that Ferrari believes "there is never a stranger in the audience."

"My Heart Can't Breathe" was produced by Pepper Jay at Larry Beaird Music Group, Nashville, under the musical direction of Eli Beaird. Terrific studio musicians were Evan Hutchings on drums, Eli Beaird on Bass, Troy Lancaster on Electric Guitar, Mike Rojas on piano, Justin Schipper on steel guitar, and Kris Donegan on acoustic guitar with the additional vocals of Tania Hancheroff.

The Producers Choice Honors holds private, invitation only exclusive parties and events predicated around the presentation of accolades and recognition for entertainment and business achievement as well as influence within the newly emerging counter culture. Every year, they evaluate thousands of potential candidates for valid recognition at a private presentation of tangible awards at an invitation only event. These public relations opportunities provide our participants and recipients with additional marketing tools to assist them in growing their entertainment career endeavors and ambitions.


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