CRS 2020 with Brandi Maclaren: Dariann Leigh

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Nashville's Country Radio Seminar is an important yearly event for those in the country music industry. From artists to labels, radio stations to publicity agents, managers, and journalists, CRS is a place where everyone can connect to one another for business opportunities, collaborations, or a simple reunion with friends made along the way. 

With an event such as CRS, the opportunities for Center Stage Magazine to conduct interviews continuously grows, leaving us no choice but to enlist help to prevent having to turn away artists from sharing their upcoming work. Thankfully, singer/songwriter Brandi Maclaren was ready, willing, and able to lend her talents to us for the three-day music event. 

Maclaren sat down with Dariann Leigh for an in-depth on-camera conversation about the evolution of Leigh's songwriting. Having an interviewer who is also a well-established singer-songwriter herself, Maclaren's discussion with Leigh gives fans a unique glimpse into the world of songwriting and the many changes that can take place with a song. 

Leigh also shared that there are moments that make her cringe as she travels back to her earliest days of songwriting as a young child. While she might find those moments "cringe-worthy", it is an undisputed fact that those moments carved a path for her career and allowed her the opportunity to grow. Growth is important as the music itself is always changing/evolving. 

As a follow up to her debut single "Give Me A Minute", Leigh has recently released "Wherever I Go". Watch our full conversation now to hear her story behind this song. 


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