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When it comes to country music, we all know that Nashville and Texas always come to mind, but for those of you who are not aware, Canada has an extremely big country music scene as well. In Fact, one of our favorite country music artists at this year's Country Radio Seminar, Brett Kissel, is from Alberta, Canada. 

Though he lives in Nashville now, Kissel has a very special place in his heart for his home of Alberta. While many people long to get out of the snow during the cold and often harsh winter months, Kissel admits that he longs for the "White Winterland" during the holiday seasons most. I have never experienced that myself, however, I have always wanted to. 

The conversation I was able to have with Kissel during CRS was my favorite to date. Each year, we get to know each other a little better, but this year was different. Kissel has always been very positive, friendly and overall extremely happy, though I could see a change. Kissel was full of optimism, more love, and more light if that were even possible. It was so refreshing and honestly so incredibly needed for the betterment of my soul. 

As we began our conversation, it was as if there were no cameras. It was two friends reconnecting and simply sharing feelings, support and encouragement for one another. We shared our mutual love for grandparents, for Riley Green and his beautifully written song that pays homage to grandpas everywhere "I Wish Grandpas Never Died", along with parts of our job that make us nervous. We quickly agreed that we need to support each other with encouragement on hosting live music shows and compare notes afterward. Kissel shared the most encouraging words with me in preparation for my big moment, "Like attracts like". While I conquered my fear of being an emcee on February 22, 2020, Kissel will be hosting the JUNO Awards on March 15, 2020, and while he may be a bit nervous, I have no doubt that he will be amazing.

As Kissel began naming some of the artists that would be at the JUNO Awards, the second I heard Nickelback, I was done. Maybe filled with an enormous amount of jealousy, I could not resist sharing with Kissel that I recently wrote down my goal of interviewing Chad Kroeger. Without hesitation, Kissel became my biggest cheerleader and told me why I would achieve that goal. At this point, I felt like I was in a dream. We were supposed to be talking about his new album that dropped on January 1, 2020, tilted Now Or Never along with the success of his single "Drink About Me", yet here he was supporting and encouraging me. My heart was filled with so much love, hope, and appreciation. At that moment, Kissel made me feel like I mattered and it was not expected. 

As we continued our on-camera conversation, Kissel did chat about his new music and the success he is having in addition to his and his wife's new project called Keeping It Kissel. Having a better understanding of why this interview was different after hearing about this new project, it was not until I got home and checked it out that I fully understood and grasped the importance of it. I can without a doubt say that I am a better person after my conversation with Kissel, and I am very thankful that he took the time to support and encourage me to achieve my goals and conquer my fears. I know our next conversation will be even better. 

If you are not following Kissel on social media, please do so now. If you are a parent or someone who just needs a little more light in your life, please check out the Keeping It Kissel link above. You will not be sorry. ~Missy




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06/28/2024 : Live! at JW Canada Day 2024: Minett, ON
07/04/2024 : Cowboys Music Festival Country: Calgary, AB
07/06/2024 : Brett Kissel - Killarney Kick : Killarney, MB
07/20/2024 : Brett Kissel at Quonset Days: Cypress County, AB
07/25/2024 : Boxcar Country Music Festival: Saint John, NB
07/27/2024 : 50ieme du festival de la tour: Lamèque, NB
08/01/2024 : Big Valley Jamboree 2024: Camrose, AB
08/10/2024 : Festival des rythmes du monde : Chicoutimi, Quebec
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09/14/2024 : Rogers Place: Edmonton, AB
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