Morgan Myles Drops New Single "I Believe" In Honor Of Her Late Cousin

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If you have seen Morgan Myles perform live, you know that she is a brilliant songwriter with powerfully stunning vocals that only a few are lucky enough to possess. If you have been lucky enough to attend one of her shows or have followed her on social media, the chances are you have seen how genuine this female vocalist truly is.

From the first moment that everyone at Center Stage Magazine met her, we fell in love with her not only as an artist but as a person. We have all been broken and beat down at some point in our life or career and Myles is an artist that has the extraordinary gift of taking some of life's most challenging situations and turning them into a beautiful story of power, triumph, and love. The lyrics include real-life drama and heartbreak and have been transformed into therapeutic songs that people can relate to personally. It is the combination of her personality, lyrics, and powerhouse vocals that makes Myles stand out.

With grief taking ahold of many through a variety of ways, Myles has created a way for all of us to feel emotionally empowered to get through each of our struggles with the strength we did not think we had. Whether you are facing a break-up, a loss of any kind, self-doubt or any of life's other difficult situations, Myles is here to be your biggest cheerleader reminding you that you can and will get through it.

When I first met Myles myself, I remember how impressed I was by her determination to be herself no matter what. When she began telling her story about her cousin and his cancer diagnosis as she introduced her song "Sanctuary", I could not help but feel the pain of what she and her family were going through. It was at that moment I knew, Myles was definitely one of the most powerful voices in music history and we are all better off for having taken the time to listen to her. Her music is real, raw, emotionally charged, and extremely therapeutic. Therapy is definitely the perfect title for her new album. 

The debut of her newest song "I Believe" off of her upcoming album Therapy is in memory of her dear cousin Mackenzie DeClue, who passed a year ago from glioblastoma brain cancer. He was only 33 years old. Morgan shares her feelings about the loss of her beautiful and gone way too soon cousin below:


"The day that I wrote I Believe I was in LA for a writing trip when I received a text message from my aunt that my cousin was beginning 'End of Life Therapy' that day. Up until that point I truly was in denial, I really felt he was going to beat this disease (even though no one has ever survived this type of cancer). I guess I didn't want to accept it. Needless to say, when I showed up to my writing appointment I was an emotional wreck. I walked in and immediately broke down in front of my co-writer, Brandon Rogers. Through many tears, I explained to Brandon how the old gospel song, 'I Believe' was a song that my late grandfather always begged me to sing as a little girl and that the song has become a place of faith and hope for me."


"My producer, Jason Mater (Disney Music Group), thought it was important to keep the song's integrity by letting it be raw and simple to convey the spiritual depth that I was experiencing emotionally. While writing and then eventually recording - I Believe became more like a prayer, a reminder that sometimes faith is all we have when life throws us challenges that are completely out of our control."


For more on Myles, please follow her on social media and get yourself to one of her upcoming shows. You will absolutely love her. Please share this artist with your friends. We could all use a powerfully bright light in dark times. ~Missy



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