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From being in the Military as part of the Marine Corps fighting for this country to supporting those who are still fighting for our country through his music, Josh Gracin has proven that he has a big heart and great love for our country and what it stands for.

Many of you will never forget the young Marine that stood on the American Idol stage performing for the first time, winning over lots of hearts. As we have continued to follow this soldier's musical journey, we have gotten to know him and fallen in love with the honesty and passion he has for life, country, and music. 

As we sat together at this year's Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee, I could not wait to chat with him about his new music, life, and what he has coming up. From his romantic side to his experience in the Military, and everything in between, Gracin shared it all. Acknowledging that fans are extremely important to him, Gracin explained the advice he was given about giving back to fans what they have given to him, and why he takes that advice to heart. Watch our full conversation now to hear what that advice is.

I am not sure I could have adored this artist even more than I already had until our Valentine's Day conversation. Having the opportunity to sit with him, share some fun and give thanks for serving our country was a blessing in itself for me. His graciousness and willingness to be honest and open with fans is definitely a gift to all.  

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