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There are not enough words to describe my level of excitement for having the amazing opportunity to talk with legendary guitar player Phil X. While many fans know him for his current status as the lead guitar player for iconic rock band Bon Jovi, the truth is Phil X  is the frontman of his own project The Drills

Having so much ground to cover during our interview with limited time, I really wanted to capture Phil's amazing storytelling abilities. If you have listened to his lyrics or read his words on his website, you know that there is something special about the way he shares his memories. From performing in small venues to performing in big arenas, and iconic venues such as Wembley Stadium, Phil shares his thoughts, excitement, and even a story about Jon Bon Jovi giving him a quick pep talk right before an extremely memorable performance.

Being a "Song Guy", Phil also took the time to share the beginning of his career and why being able to play any genre or style is possible for him. His pool of inspiration definitely seems to be endless. His knowledge of music, his passion to play, and his eagerness to learn more and grow further has been an undeniable force that has catapulted his career. His discography alone is impressive and has been heard in most likely every household.  

When it comes to releasing new music for The Drills, fans are not going to have to wait much longer. Phil X has shared the exciting news that everyone has been waiting for with us including special guest appearances on the new music. As far as new Bon Jovi music, well, you will just have to watch and see what he has to say. 

If you are not yet following Phil X, please do so now. Be on the lookout for more fun, more announcements, more fun, videos, and pictures. Remember to grab the music you do not already have, give his pages a "like" and "share" and stay tuned for more. ~Missy


  Special thanks to Mike Krompass of The Fell and 1225 Entertainment for making this interview possible. We love you and appreciate your friendship.     

Phil, you were such a pleasure to speak with and we had so much fun chatting with you on and off the camera. I am not sure how I managed to keep the "fangirl" inside and under control, but you were truly a "Holy Shit" moment in my career and I have so much respect for you as an artist. Thank You.

Also, thank you The Cosmo Cowgirl for keeping me dressed. You know my style and your wardrobe choices never disappoint me.



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