Angie Dawn's Not So Secret Diary: Matt Rogers

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Well... I am just going to come right out and start this article off by saying, If Matt Rogers ever decides to get out of the music business he could very easily be a motivational speaker.

By the time our conversation was over, I was motivated to do things that I did not even know I had an interest in. The passion that he has for his career and the music was contagious. No wonder he is already such an accomplished artist and songwriter.

His song "She Was Everything" won top award from City Song Star. National Song Writer Association International and CMT selected another song of his "I Was Raised" for songwriter achievement award, and it went on to be selected by NSAI as a top 40 song.

I have a feeling after hearing him perform live that those awards are just the tip of the iceberg for Rogers. The fact that his voice is amazing is just an added bonus to his writing skills. Rogers is the real deal...Y'all better keep an eye on this one because he is gonna go places. ~Angie Dawn


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