Angie Dawn's Not So Secret Diary: Christian Davis

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As I walk into Lulu's Cafe in Watertown, TN... My eyes begin to wander around the room at this cool little place that had been chosen to meet the amazingly talented Christian Davis for his photo shoot.

There was this sweet little girl sitting at the counter eyeing this huge apparatus of a camera and bag I am dragging in behind me. When I finally get settled she starts her adorable little conversation... of course I had to snap a few pictures of that look of happiness on her face that can only be gotten from eating french fries dipped in ketchup.

I continue my journey through this hidden gem that I've come across. The eclectic style the owner Gabrielle Hardy has chosen gives you a fairy tale whimsical feel. I hear the door ding, ah there he is.. Davis coming inside giving hellos to everyone he sees in that deep bass voice of his. We start talking about ideas for the shoot and as we are walking around looking I am taking random pictures that he doesn't even know about. As I scroll through them I realize that this is more than likely going to be the easiest gig I've ever done.

He took to the camera like a duck to water, and he did not even know it yet. We go into the real session... I was correct... easiest one by far. This two-time Dove Award winner and three-time Grammy Nominee hooks you from the first moment that he picks his guitar up and starts singing. He has this voice that gets down into your soul and wakes it up, and the fact that he is easy on the eyes does not hurt at all. His style of music ranges from gospel/Christian to traditional bluegrass and country with such a soulful sound. It is one that can be picked out of the crowd that is for sure.

Check him out on the links below and share them with your family and friends. You do not want to miss this! ~Angie Dawn


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