Final Cut/Final Take Interview: Mark Wayne Glasmire 'I've Got A Feeling'

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Mark Wayne Glasmire premieres his new music video "I've Got A Feeling" and we have a "Final Cut /Final Take" interview for you right here. "I've Got A Feeling" was shot in several locations in Texas including Glasmire's condo, Patina Green Café in McKinney, and The Pier in Frisco.  

Tell us what inspired this particular song?

"I co-wrote this song with my friend Debi Champion.  We wrote a few songs together, over the years, and always had good chemistry.  We typically started our writing sessions with lite conversation. On one occasion we talked about whether or not we each believed in love at first sight or if we had ever experienced it.  I am not sure who came up with the line but eventually something led to "I've got a feeling you were feeling that feeling". And the rest, as they say, is history! lol"


The overall feeling to this song for me is the nod to the height of the 1990s country music era. The video follows suit with the classic love at first sight storyline and offers the viewers a feel-good experience.  Where did the video concept come from?

"The concept for the video was a collaboration between myself and Nolan Harper (Nolan Harper Productions), the director/cinematographer.  While interviewing Nolan, I explained that the song was about love at first sight. I sent him the tracks and lyrics so he could get a good feel for the content. I wanted to depict the creation/writing of the song, with the writer(yours truly) remembering that special feeling.  Nolan came up with the locations and storyboard and the actors portray those memories."


The couple in the video really seem like they know each other. How did you find them?

"The actors are a real married couple.  I met them a few years ago, at a mutual friends house.  Our mutual friend is "Capt'n Bob" Shema.  "Capt'n Bob" and I went to college together back in PA.  He is the owner of Design Block Zero, from Irving, TX, DBZ is a graphic design and custom apparel company.   I reached out to "Capt'n Bob" to see if he had any models or actors he was working with.  Even though the song is about love at first sight, I didn't want teenagers, I wanted a couple that was in the range of mid-20s to mid 30's.  He suggested Suzanne and Brian Barker.  They are obviously very attractive people and even though they had no prior acting experience, they looked the part to me and I think it is obvious why.  They REALLY ARE IN LOVE!  lol"


Were there any memorable moments that took place while filming that you can share?

"I think the most memorable part was the end of the shooting during the sunset scenes.  Nolan had scoped out the locations a few days earlier.  He knew exactly what time the sun was going to set.  The funny thing was, there were some clouds that were blocking the sun and we were afraid we were going to lose the shot.  But literally, with only a few minutes to spare, the sun broke through and Nolan was able to capture the moment, just like he wanted it."


Watching a music video take shape seems exciting. Is there a part of this video that exceeded your hopes of what it could be?

"I was very pleased with the whole process. Taking a song and acting it out to help tell the story is very gratifying.  Collaborating and developing the visual ideas is challenging but in a good way.  Nolan is very creative and well organized. He is very easy to work with and knows how to shape a shot and bring it to life.  He certainly made it easier.  Having said all of that, I am not sure if it "exceeded expectations" because in getting to know Nolan and seeing some of his previous work, my expectations were already pretty high.  We will definitely be working together again, in the future."


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