CMA Fest 2018 with Missy: Blue Honey

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Day three of CMA Fest continued to bring us fun and exciting interviews. As I sat with husband and wife duo Blue Honey, I had to ask them about their decision to work together in their music career. Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan happily explained what led to the formation of Blue Honey.  I found it extremely interesting that their story was not exactly what I was expecting to hear.

As we continued our fun conversation, I was curious to know if they had a favorite song to sing on stage together. While they have many favorites, Fleetwood Mac came up more than once. Harmonies are a major factor in their choice of music to perform, so Fleetwood Mac is a definite stand-out choice. 

When it comes to performing their own songs, Jordan says their top 3 to perform live are "August Without Us", "Wherever You Are Tonight", and the new unreleased song "Timing" that will be on their next album.

Though they could not tell me exactly when the new album would be released, they explained that it was originally supposed to be an EP, however, they had so much good material they chose to create a full-length album instead. This is always good news for fans.

Before we ended our conversation, I had to know more about the fun couple. Getting to know artists personally is always fun. I have to admit that after our conversation, I really want to go to Wendy's and Starbucks with Brooks to watch him place his orders. You have to watch our full conversation to see why. 

For more on Blue Honey, please visit their website and social media. They are so talented and a lot of fun to be around. Do yourself a favor and catch them at one of their shows. You will not be disappointed. ~Missy


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