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When it comes to having a career in the music industry, you will often hear that it is very hard work becoming successful. Part of being successful in this industry is finding out what works for others, and applying some of those same basic principles to your own career.

As I sat with Marta during CMA Fest 2018, we spoke about her influences and the work ethic they have. Taylor Swift is one artist that Marta expressed has always put in extra time for her fans. Understanding that fans are the reason why any artist has a long-lasting career, Swift has set a clear example for up and coming artists to follow, including Marta.

Along with sharing her influences, Marta also explained that she had a few "fangirling" moments during the country music festival. One of those moments happened with the legendary Charlie Pride. For me, watching Marta explain her reaction to seeing Pride filled me with joy.

It was then that we also started talking about the one and only Garth Brooks and the number of fans he has and why.  As we both got caught up in discussing how much we admire Brooks, I had to stop "fangirling" myself in order to talk with Marta about her new music. Her successful release of The Story has definitely been special for her. Still, in awe of how well her single has done, it was nice to see the level of gratitude that Marta has for where she is at in her career and that her fans have shared meaningful stories with her. 

Remaining humble and genuinely kind, Marta will no doubt keep gaining fans at every show and with every new song. If you have not yet started following her journey, now is the time to get on board and help her go right to the top. ~Missy



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