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I love it when I research an artist and discover interesting facts. It happens frequently, however, researching Season 5 American Idol contestant Ayla Brown rendered me speechless. 

One of the many things that I did not know about this young reality television star was her love of basketball earning her a full ride scholarship to Boston College, where she pursued a degree in communications.  Not only does that prove she works hard, it also proves that she is determined to have a say in her career by having the knowledge she needs to navigate through the business side of music. Being able to have a passion for singing and sports while realizing the importance of getting an education is exactly why I know that Brown will most definitely have a musical career with longevity. 

Among her many qualities, being honest and real about who she is and the "Tomboy" she has always been, left me feeling impressed. For some artists, the mask they wear as a musician can have a negative effect on them as well as their fans. Brown wears no mask. She is authentic and embraces who she is along with the challenges she faces in life. 

During our very fun conversation, I was entertained by one of her recent challenges, "Clothing Torture". As Brown recalled her recent Summer trip to New England, Mass., she explained that she only took one suitcase of clothes with her for her intended short stay, however, the demand for more performances from Brown left her to face the harsh reality that she was destined to be an "outfit repeater" as she needed to stay much longer than planned. With some laughter and smiles, she explained how great this experience really was.

Brown has an incredibly supportive family that has helped her with her career choice since day one. From supporting her with auditioning for American Idol during her Senior Year of High School to her move to Nashville in 2010, her parents have remained supportive and proud. Brown too has been supportive of her family and even surprised her father and former US Senator, Scott Brown, on Fox and Friends to play a song on TV for fans and friends to see. Watch our full conversation for more details on that exciting moment and more. 

Be sure to check out Brown's website and grab a copy of her latest single "Label". She has a lot of material out there and I encourage you to get your hands on all of it. ~Missy


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