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Nashville is home to many musicians and artists of all music genres. Though many people immediately think country music when they hear Nashville, the truth is, there are many well-known artists here. From rock to metal, jazz, pop, and everything in between, Nashville is simply a melting pot for great music.

During the last several years, the music world has seen a lot of crossovers. The beauty of that is that musicians do not have to feel like they are boxed into one category/genre. Many artists have the desire to be who they are and sing what they like. Fortunately for fans that like a variety of music, Shelly Fairchild has done an amazing job singing songs that she connects to no matter the style. Whether she is rocking out or slowing things down, Fairchild has a voice that will soothe or energize the listener.

Breathing life into songs that were written by someone else can be a challenge for some, however, Fairchild embraces these songs as if she wrote them herself. Unable to escape the emotion that Fairchild delivers within each lyric, the audience becomes connected to Fairchild as they attach themselves and personal experience to her songs, thus creating a bond that cannot be severed. 

As I sat with Fairchild to have a conversation with her about her music, we could not help but talk about her fans and what they mean to her. From song selections to a pledge campaign and social media, Fairchild has included her fans throughout her career. Staying in touch with her fans has been important to Fairchild. Knowing they have been with her during her journey is something that she will not soon forget as Fairchild considers her fans more like friends.

Watch our full conversation now and get to know Fairchild even more. You are no doubt going to fall in love with her fun and bubbly personality while admiring her honesty and devotion to her music and fans. Be sure to grab her latest release Buffalo and do not forget to call your local radio station and request her newest single "Mississippi Turnpike" and add it to your playlist as well. Remember to follow her on social media and stay tuned to her website for upcoming news and show dates. ~Missy




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Shelly Fairchild Tour Dates

08/20/2024 : 3rd and Lindsley: Nashville, TN

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