Celebrating Elvis as a Young ETA

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Meet Cooper. This young Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) is capturing the attention and hearts of Elvis fans all over the world. Many are thrilled to be able to watch this young fan grow up following his dream of paying tribute to "The King of Rock and Roll". From his looks to his voice and moves, Cooper has been working hard to get it right. As he prepares himself for a career as a Tribute Artist, read what his supportive mother has to say about her talented and passionate son.

"Cooper has always loved Elvis! His first trip to Graceland was when he was 4 months old, when we took a friend who had never been. He stayed awake for the entire tour and took in everything. I think, as his mom, I knew I was in trouble then!

The spring before he turned two, in October, he started to ask for "Elvis suits" and would point out jumpsuits when he would see anything about Elvis (which is common since we live in Memphis). He demanded that he be Elvis that year for Halloween and that I needed to be "Elvis wife", so we were Elvis and Priscilla for Halloween that year. 

He has been to Graceland many times since that first trip, we jokingly call it his Disney but it really is for him! Last year was his first year to attend Elvis Week and he was hooked. He wanted to sing and he wanted to be more like Elvis! 

He has spent the last year working on being able to sing in front of people and on stage. Now he will sing on the street if you ask him to. He loves to meet new people and take pictures with whoever asks. He plans to start singing his full set on stage by Elvis birthday in January and competing in some of the contests next year. He does admit competing will be hard because he has made so many friends and he loves it when they win!

He has made some really amazing friends in the last year. The other Elvis Tribute Artists that have befriended him have been wonderful and very helpful to a mom who has no idea of what she is doing! They have made the last year so great for both Cooper and me, thank you is not enough for all they have done! We are all family now! And that is another wonderful thing about this, he has gained not only new friends but new family in a world full of Elvis!"

We hope you will continue to follow Cooper on his journey. Please like and share his pages with your friends, and stay tuned for more from this extremely talented young ETA. ~Missy

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