Watch & Listen: Sparkle Party Makes Their Glitzy, Star Studded Debut

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"Rocky Horror meets Spice Girls meets Spinal Tap"

Made of sugar, spice, and everything nice is your soon to be next obsession, Sparkle Party. This all-girl fronted cover band features the best friend, dynamic duo Kate Catalina and Sayre Gee, playing the roles of Melodee Mercury and Stella Starship with the additional feature of young LA-based guitarist Lexii Lynn Frazier. This girl power extravaganza is all about having fun and being confident and happy, a couple of things this world could use a little bit more of.  

Sparkle Party founder Catalina (Melodee Mercury) says: "The entire concept is to celebrate life and positivity. The gist is that the world is so occupied with selfies and buying things and looking "perfect," but our characters in the band represent the complete opposite. Just have fun! But each of our charters also presents themselves differently. Melodee is a sassy spitfire who tells it like it is, while Stella is a carefree glam queen of sorts, totally embracing the cotton candy aspect of life." 

Sparkle Party comes with a few catches, however. One of them is if you are planning on checking out a Sparkle Party live show, you might have to wait a while. As of right now, the band is entirely internet based, something that hasn't necessarily been done before. All performances will be seen and heard via the web only. Sparkle Party plans on releasing podcasts, shorts and a mini reality series that is also set to be solely released on internet platforms. By subscribing to their YouTube channel, you will have access to all things Sparkle Party.

The band has a few more surprises up their sleeves- another being their surprise factor. Sparkle Party plans to release an album in the near future, but listeners will not know the tracks being covered until each individual one is released. Each song will come out with a corresponding video featuring either an up and coming name or an already established artist, but who it will be will remain a secret.  The tracks being covered will be from all musical genres, so you will never really know what could be coming next.

When it comes to Sparkle Party, you will not see their next move coming, but you can expect it to be uplifting, fun and doused in glitter.

Below, enjoy our brief interview with founder Kate Catalina:

What led up to the formation of Sparkle Party? When did this all start?

Kate: I was sitting at the kitchen table last year singing along to one of my favorite songs from childhood. I remember when the soundtrack for That Thing You Do came out, and I spent hours in my bedroom playing "rock star" to the title track. My solo project Whirlbone is something so far beyond rock and roll, so I never really thought I could do the song justice with piano and violin! I have a separate background as a professional showgirl, so there was this sudden realization that I had all the pieces to be able to put together an incredible production where I could create glitzy characters with the theatrical appeal of already being famous, so to speak. Essentially, I created an excuse to continue playing "rock star." For me, it is exceptionally fun to step outside the role of melancholy-songwriter-with-a-piano and belt out lyrics to upbeat music. As for centering the band around the concept of glitter, the whole point is to visually draw people in. I've been mentally battered down my whole life, not being taken seriously with my creative projects, though I've never done anything but indulge myself in artistic endeavors. Creating Sparkle Party is my way of saying, 'No, you're all going to pay attention now.'


Seeing as you have covers coming from numerous musical styles, plus a pretty colorful and loud image, who would you say your target audience is if there is one?

Sayre: Everyone! You're invited! It's the underlying theme. We don't intend to leave one single person out. We want to reach the whole world through our image and message of positivity and fun. We want to bring songs back that have either been forgotten or never really got the attention they deserved. 


What is your goal with Sparkle Party? Both musically for you guys (you know, playing shows, releasing albums, etc) and the bigger picture.

Kate: Sky is the limit! We get that not everyone will like what we are doing, but the joke's on them. If you look closely, the truth is in the details: we're making fun of ourselves. We aren't worried about being sexy, it's about being outlandish in the safest, coolest, most creative way possible. People don't have to take us seriously, but they should take the quality of everything we do seriously, and they should understand first and foremost that a lot of work has gone into this. As for the plan... for now, we are focusing on appearance gigs, with our first coming up this September in Yorkville, Illinois at The Revival. Live performances will happen, but it's not in the plan at the moment to let everyone know when or where we are thinking of debuting the full show in the flesh! Secrets, secrets, secrets! 


Check out Sparkle Party's debut cover of "That Thing You Do" below. 


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