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We all have that one moment we wish we could take back or keep others from seeing. For me, it happens quite often. Thankfully, I am usually in the company of someone with a great personality that lets it slide or has a blast not letting me live it down. Fortunately for me once again, Jesse Rice let my moment slide.

While speaking with Rice at CMA Fest, we discussed the overall experience of being in Nashville during the countries biggest music festival along with being able to catch up with friends, and meeting fans. There is no denying that during CMA Fest the city of Nashville becomes more alive, more vibrant, more infectious, and more inviting. Fans and artists alike have more fun and more excitement flowing through their veins that they cannot get enough of. Attending CMA Fest may satisfy your craving for a little while, however, it immediately creates an addiction for more.

As you will see in our interview, both Rice and I have big smiles plastered across our faces. Just being a part of it all is euphoric. Witnessing the moments between fans and artists will never get old for me along with talking about it. It is like a drug in and of itself. After we discussed the festivities, I wanted to hear about Rice's music. This is where things turn for me.

Not having a clue while it happened, I noticed during playback that I made a huge error in judgment on my use of words. Hoping that Rice heard me correctly, I sit here shaking my head in sheer embarrassment. As many of you know, I do not pick up on jokes easily. I apparently missed this too. Watch our full conversation now to see if you catch my mistake. I am grateful that Rice was so forgiving during the interview, but I have to wonder if he knows what I actually said, or if he believes I said something else entirely. 

As we moved on without my knowledge of what just took place, Rice described his experience creating The Pirate Sessions. Begining with himself, his good friends Chase Rice and Florida Georgia Line creating these brilliantly titled songs like "Gettin' Down In A Pirate Town", Jesse has continued to keep it going and has brought in others to help.   Recently releasing The Pirate Sessions III, Jesse already has fans wanting more. Do not worry guys, he promises to release another volume in less than 5 years. 

If you have not yet grabbed a copy of this extremely fun collaboration of great artists and fantastic lyrics, please do so now. You will be glad you did. ~Missy



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