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When it comes to CMA Fest, there are so many opportunities for fans to connect with new artists and artists that they know well, love, and adore. One of the best parts for me is watching these encounters take place. What I did not realize is that for some of these newer artists, meeting an artist that they love and admire equally as thrilling for them as it is for other fans.

When speaking to the beautiful Risa Binder, I discovered that she had that exact scenario happen to her. Though she may not have actually spoken to Martina McBride, watching her speak about the moment she was close to her was special. It just goes to show us all that even as an artist, someone you look up to, an artist you admire, can make you feel starstruck.

As we continued our conversation at Alley Taps, Binder talked about her new single "You Haul". Describing it as a "party vibe break-up song", Binder beamed with excitement as she was leaving in just a few hours for a radio tour to promote it. Excited for her adventure, Binder continued to smile as we spoke about it. We had so much fun chatting about her new music, our parents, boy crushes, and more. It is not hard to see why fans continue to support her on her musical journey and make the time to come to her shows.

For more on Binder, please visit her website to find the latest news and happenings. Follow her on social media now and remember to call you local radio station to request her new single "You Haul". Watch our full conversation to get to know this talented female vocalist and fall in love with her sweet personality. Share this story with your friends and be sure to grab her latest single to add to your collection. I am sure you will enjoy it. ~Missy 


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