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Lionville is today's remedy for all of your melodic classic progressive rock cravings, precisely delivered with the grace of an eagle soaring high above the clouds. Hailing from Genova Italy, Lionville packs a melodic 1-2-3 punch with songs that are filled with all the right elements which nicely compliments their far above average skill set.

Lionville is Stefano Lionetti (Lead & Backing Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards), Lars Säfsund (Lead & Backing Vocals), Michele Cusato (Lead & Rhythm Guitars), Giulio Dagnino (Bass Guitar) and Martino Malacrida (Drums & Percussion).

A World Of Fools is a unique blend of classic heavy hitters such as Toto, Kansas, Survivor, Bad English and even Richard Marx. One stand out trait is the lead vocalist. His voice pulls you in with the smoothness, range and tonal similarities of the late great Brad Delp of Boston; especially when Delp was fronting the band Return To Zero (RTZ).

Each track on A World Of Fools compliments one another and although I do not believe this is a concept album in any way, it does not sound as if it was pieced together as a lot of albums do; it flows from beginning to end like a gently flowing stream that fully captures all of your senses and whisks you away from the cares of the world for a short time.


Release Date: February 24, 2017, Frontiers Records

Track List:

1. I Will Wait

2. Show Me The Love

3. Bring Me Back Our Love

4. Heaven Is Right Here

5. A World Of Fools

6. One More Night

7. All I Want

8. Living On The Edge

9. Our Good Goodbye

10. Paradise

11. Image Of Your Soul

A World Of Fools is not heavy and it is not bubble gum, it is the perfect recipe for all melodic rock ingredients to appease all music lovers across the entire rock music spectrum with superb melody lines, stellar vocal harmonies, spectacular grooves and hooks and sensational musicianship and songwriting. In short, A World Of Fools should be on everyone’s playlist.

I usually choose a favorite track to write about but every track on A World Of Fools is so equal in all qualities that I look for in a song that I simply cannot choose one so I choose the entire album as my favorite. I will also close this with a rating of 10 or should I say in this case 11.

Check out Lionville everyone, grab their albums, ‘Like’ their Official Facebook page, ‘Like’ their YouTube video’s and if we are lucky enough that they decide to tour here in the United States make sure to go see them live. I know I will.


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