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Mr. Big is back in full swing with their ninth studio album Defying Gravity. Set to be released on July 21st under Frontiers Records, Defying Gravity features all four original members and even the producer who worked on the band's self-titled debut back in 1989. Billy Sheehan (bass), Eric Martin (vocals), Pat Torpey (drums) and Paul Gilbert (guitar) have come together to create this perfectly melodic album with a hint of edge. Unfortunately due to his recent Parkinsons Disease diagnoses, Torpey was not able to perform on every track, however, the accomplished Matt Starr has lent his talents to the album and rounded out the percussion section where Torpey was unable to. As mentioned, the band recruited Kevin Elson to produce the record which helps capture the classic Mr. Big sound found on the band's first three albums. Almost thirty years after their debut release; Sheehan, Martin, Torpey and Gilbert have mastered their craft and were able to knock this album out in a mere six days. Yes, you read that right. SIX days.

Having listened to the album, it's clear that everyone's talents are showcased and the album seems to be produced with intentions to do that. Bass lines are so often left under produced, and frankly, it would be criminal to leave Billy Sheehan's bass playing under the radar. In all honesty, the first time I listened to the album I was only listening for Sheehan's bass lines, nothing else. And much to my pleasure, everything was mixed and produced in such a way that I could get a little bit of everything without any one part overpowering another. 

The songwriting and composition on this album are great as well. Eric Martin's voice has held up remarkably and is exactly the tone that this album would call for. In a way, had any other vocalist sung these songs, it may not sound as great as Martin's voice does singing these tracks. The groove and grit that some of these songs contain mesh perfectly with Martin's vocal style.

Although there is hardly a clunker on this album, the standout track is definitely "1992". It's tempo changes and display of instrumentational musical prowess laced across the nostalgic lyrics and smooth vocals comes together to create what I think is the best track on the album. Plus, in a live setting, the performance of this track would be incendiary. 

I am familiar with Mr. Big and their musical catalog, however, I have never really called myself a "Mr. Big fan". Defying Gravity has influenced me to go back into their remaining eight albums and see what I have really been missing out on. This album proves that the members of Mr. Big have not lost their touch, and have in fact gotten even better than they once were. 


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