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As we continue our Tap Into Indie Series, I have to say that this next artist is one that blew us all away with the power she possesses. Not only does Rocky have an amazing voice, she has equally incredible stage presence, songwriting skills, personality, and looks. She is the entire package.

Just exactly how did this phenomenal female rocker from Detroit find her way into the Heart Songs Corporation and Center Stage Magazine Independent Artist Showcase at Alley Taps in Nashville? The answer is, we were blessed. After reaching out to her via social media, she graciously accepted our invitation to perform. 

While watching her set, it was evident that we were not alone in our opinion of how talented she is. The fans were rocking out and having and amazing time. When she was finished, they screamed for more. We all did. She gave fans exactly what they wanted, a kick-ass entertaining show. I could not wait to chat with her after her performance.

Rocky is not just a stellar performer. She is a very kind and generous soul. When I entered the green room before watching her perform, I noticed that she brought both Center Stage Magazine and Heart Songs Corporation each a beautiful gift basket. It was not until our interview, however, that I realized what was inside. A taste of Detroit was the theme of these creative gifts. Complete with Bad-Ass Beer, chocolates, caramel sauce, snacks, chips and wine, these baskets were a display of appreciation and gratitude that I was not expecting. They even included a fortune cookie.

Please get to know this extremely talented artist now and watch our full conversation. Follow her on social media and send her a shout out. She is so gifted and so humble. We all feel blessed that she took the time out of her busy schedule to make the long trip to perform at our showcase. I cannot wait to see her again. Until then, enjoy. ~Missy



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