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Surviving the traffic and rain with my Sun Record's hat, I managed to make it to my interview with Restless Heart with a few minutes to spare. 

As I was escorted to the backstage area of the Nashville Palace, where I waited until they wrapped up another interview, I could hear the fun Larry Stewart and Dave Innis were having. It was at that moment that my nerves settled down. I had been trying to prepare myself to speak to Stewart, as he is a music icon. When asked if I was okay with adding Innis to the interview, I immediately said, "Yes". 

I was welcomed into the room by Stewart, who was quite the host. Offering me coffee or water, seemed so natural for him and made me question what was happening. He was the star of the show, not me. For a moment, I must have looked confused. Innis and Stewart were both ready to go, and I was still in disbelief that I was there.

As soon as we sat for our conversation, the fun started. With a "Bing, bang, boom", we all shared a laugh. It was apparent that this conversation was going to go its own way. All I knew was that I needed to say one thing, the rest was going to be what it was going to be, natural.

After we ended our conversation, we asked both Stewart and Innis to record a bumper for us. If you have not seen it yet, you will want to. It was ridiculous, fun, and frankly perfect in every way. This is one of those stories in life that will always be told and remembered fondly.

Once we were finished, Stewart and Innis both asked me for some "Sugar". This was a first for me, and easily one of the best moments I have had during my career. Not a bad "first" to have in my opinion. At that point, I was ready for Restless Heart to take the stage and "WOW" the crowd. That is exactly what they did.

Singing their hit songs, making fans cheer loudly for more and getting them to their feet for some dancing, was entertaining to watch. When these guys sing a ballad, it is almost like every man listening receives a subliminal message to take his partner by the hand for a romantic dance. Yes, I was even taken by the hand for a few dances myself. It was a beautiful night for fans. 

One thing many of us were not expecting was Stewart's display of high energy, extreme drum skills. That man knows how to lay a heavy beat. If you have not yet seen Restless Heart live, you need to. Their stage presence is fantastic, their vocals are better than ever, and they are proving they are not stopping or slowing down anytime soon. 

Please follow these guys on social media, stay tuned to their tour schedule, and remember to download their music. As always, I have provided all the links to make it easy for you. ~Missy


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