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When Rock Royalty reaches out to you for an interview, first you pinch yourself, then you quickly say "Hell Yes". I can honestly say that I still do not feel worthy enough to have been given the opportunity to speak with Slim Jim Phantom.

Realizing that we both had a love for the hit television series Sun Records on CMT, we had to discuss the show and our connection to each other through it. His buddy Jonathan McHugh works on Sun Records, so Phantom has been watching the cast bring these legendary artists to life along with the show's many other fans. Knowing that Phantom has played with Jerry Lee Lewis "The Killer" in the past, I had to ask him about his experience working with the music legend. Listen to our full conversation now to hear him recall the days of working with Lewis.

From being fans of the same show, to having nicknames that we both embraced as children, I found myself feeling like Phantom was already a friend. Twitter can be a very powerful tool in connecting people, and I am thankful for this particular connection. I could easily see that Phantom was not only a phenomenal drummer, he is humble and completely genuine with a great sense of humor. Thankfully, Phantom played right along when given a fan question regarding "Slim Jim" snacks. No, this was not my finest moment as a journalist, but I have to say that I was completely shocked and very grateful for the response that he gave. You have to listen to our conversation for the full story. I simply cannot do it justice with words alone.

There are so many wonderful things about Phantom that many of you may not yet know. Lucky for us, he has written a book called A Stray Cat Struts to share many of his remarkable life experiences with us. Of these experiences, one stands out to me above the rest. Fighting Cancer was taken to a whole new level. Climbing Mt. Everest to fight cancer, led to a pretty elevated concert experience that even earned a spot in the world record book. To learn more about this incredible moment and how it came to be, grab your copy of A Stray Cat Struts now.

As always, please follow Phantom on social media. Grab a copy of his book, download his music, and go see him live at a show. I know you will appreciate all he offers the music world and more. ~Missy


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