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I had the opportunity to talk with music sensation, Isabella.  This artist, who is an amazing vocalist and songwriter has been working towards this dream since she was very young and has found that this is the path her heart continues to lead her down. 

Being from a very diverse background, a mother who is Puerto Rican and a father who is French, growing up in Cuba and Miami, gives an artist a lot of inspiration and culture to tap into when writing and creating. 

There is something to be said about an artist who is new on the music scene who already has a loyal, and growing daily, fan base and who is so diverse it is difficult to box them into a specific genre of music.  With rich feels of Puerto Rico/Cuban rhythm vibe and fusion, mixed with classical flares as well as pop influences, this artist offers something very unique in her approach to music.

Read below to see how these cultural differences influenced Isabella, and how she has been able to take what was “just her everyday life” and turn it into musical genius. 

Make sure to head over to her website and get acquainted with this phenomenal artist that, in my opinion, will someday be the “newcomer I had that opportunity to interview once”. You do not want to miss her journey.

A huge thank you to Isabella for taking the time to work with us.  I look forward to watching you soar!


While listening to your music and reading about you, I was struck that you have such a contrast of cultural influence in your life, both Puerto Rican and French, while growing up in Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.  How do you feel that you connect with each of these cultures separately and combined in your everyday life, and how do you feel this diversity has helped your music when writing and performing?

They are two very rich cultures and have an impact on my songwriting and creative process. There is a certain intensity to my everyday life which has always just been normal to me. I am grateful for this because it is necessary for a creative life. It also reassures that everything in this life is part of a greater purpose.


Do you ever find that, depending on your mood on a particular day, that you tend to be more of one than the other?  For example, that you find you are writing or singing with more of a Puerto Rican/Caribbean influence rather than a French influence?  Can you share an example?

I find this could happen if I spend more time, for instance, studying a classical piece by Chopin. Then I might start writing in French and it also becomes a romantic song.


We recorded part of my EP in Miami and at times I felt like I was in Puerto Rico. This created an atmosphere where the music was impacted with a pop/Puerto Rican/Cuban, rhythm vibe, and fusion.


And I have to ask, as a mother myself, having two children, I am curious how some conversations went within your family growing up.  Were there occasions when you would talk to your father and speak only French and hope your mother did not catch everything you were saying and vice versa?

Both of my parents speak Spanish and French! I hope my kids will too!


Who are some of your musical influences and why do you feel connected to each of these?

From the classical genre: Mozart and Tchaikovsky. From Reggaeton: Wisin y Yandel. I like Draco Rosa, Ricky Martin, Bruno Mars, No Doubt, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Edith Piaf and many indie artists. I've been influenced by Juan Luis Guerra, the greats of salsa and artists like La Lupe and Luis Miguel. All of these artists can represent a specific season in my life. I can vividly visualize and relive the emotions their music has inspired in me.


Which genre or musical influences do you feel are contributing to your music now, whether it is in your writing or your performances, or both?

Classical music, reggaeton, bomba, salsa, pop, indie rock, hip-hop, experimental, blues, and folk. Songs that capture my attention from any genre influence the music I write, especially in terms of production because I like to combine genres.


Is there someone, past or present, that you wish you could collaborate with?  Why?

I want to collaborate with Draco Rosa. His music is beautiful. He is kind and compassionate… a great artist.


When you are not writing or performing, where would someone expect to find you and what would you be doing?

You can expect to find me at church, a dance class, at the beach, at an audition, at a café reading, at home or at a friend's house. There is always a party or event to support a friend. Hopefully, I'm there!


Tell us what you have coming up? New music? New video? Performances?

I want to start touring as soon as possible. There is always new music being made, and I am excited to release it. I’m looking forward to my next music video!


Where can fans find you on social media? iTunes? Website?

Fans can find me on Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter where my handle is @Isabellamusique. My Facebook page is:


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and answer a few questions! We are excited to share your music and your unique story with our readers.  One last question, what is one thing that fans do not know about you that would surprise them?

Even though I live in LA, I don't drive!


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