Press Release: Andy Summers’ “Triboluminescence” Available Today, March 24th

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— TRIBOLUMINESCENCE is an album representing the style that SUMMERS has evocatively dubbed “New Exotic” —

— 14th solo album from this legendary guitarist is already receiving rave reviews —

 March 24, 2017Today marks the official release of TRIBOLUMINESCENCE, the 14th solo album from multi GRAMMY®-award winning artist ANDY SUMMERS. The album is released by Flickering Shadow Productions available on all digital platforms in the U.S. and via Amazon, and distributed by Cargo Records in the U.K. Last evening, SUMMERS marked the occasion with a special event at The GRAMMY Museum® in Los Angeles – view the archived stream at

 SUMMERS rose to fame in the late 1970s and early 1980s as the guitarist of the legendary multi-million-selling rock band The Police, followed by a prolific solo career that continues to this day. As a guitarist, songwriter and composer, TRIBOLUMINESCENCE, a collection of new tracks reflecting the style that SUMMERS has dubbed “New Exotic,” shows SUMMERS pushing further toward the musical edge and proves to be his most introspective work to date.

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 Critics are already weighing in with praise for TRIBOLUMINESCENCE:

  • Peter Larsen, Orange County Register (CA), hailed this “…terrific new solo album.”
  • Jim Pasinski, Record-Journal (CT), wrote, “The album has a much more ambient reflection than his past releases as SUMMERS keeps the music fresh with multi-layered instrumentation and rhythms that provide the perfect backdrop for his guitar work.”
  • Matty Douglas, for, praised this “...masterpiece of an album. After all these years, world-renowned musician ANDY SUMMERS continues to stay one step ahead of the game by continuing to evolve his craft as a musician.”
  • Markos Papadatos, for, opined, “…his guitar tones are rich and compelling. It is evident that this album was a labor of love for him. TRIBOLUMINESCENCE garners an A rating.”

 “TRIBOLUMINESCENCE is word that means creating light from dark, which I believe is an apt metaphor for any creative act and, especially, music,” stated SUMMERS. “I felt compelled to follow up the record I made in 2015, METAL DOG, where I was trying to go into a new territory – with not just a straight-ahead jazz or jazz fusion, rock or pop recording, but rather something outside of standard generic definition. I might say that this record results from a restlessness, an urge always to move forward with what I am trying to do – and damn the torpedoes!”

 The tracks on TRIBOLUMINESCENCE all feature SUMMERS’ rich, lush, multi-layered, rhythmically and spatial signature guitar tones that draws the listener in track after track.

 Various interview video clips with ANDY SUMMERS have premiered recently on, and Fans can check out a stream of “Adinkra” from TRIBOLUMINESCENCE on





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