Conversations with Missy: Ray Scott "Livin' This Way" Release Weekend

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CRS50 with Missy: Ray Scott

Playing at the Grand Ole' Opry is a dream for many country artists. Many fans dream of catching a show there, and many journalists dream of hanging out backstage, capturing exciting moments on camera. Lucky for me, our dear friend Ray Scott made that dream come true for Center Stage Magazine.

Knowing this was a special weekend for Scott, who released his new single "Livin' This Way", we knew we were in for a special treat. The excitement that filled the air of the Grand Ole' Opry was like a drug you immediately formed an addiction to. I am not sure I can accurately describe the level of euphoria that was filling each and every attendee there that night, but it was spectacular. 

As I sat with Scott in his dressing room after his performance, I captured a serious side to him that instantly captivated me. He shared how he got his start in the music industry and explained the level of support he received from his family. Knowing this business is often times a brutal one to be a part of, it was people like his grandmother that further ignited his passion and helped him develop his gift of writing a great song. Listen to him describe the interesting technique she used to get him to write.

Scott is one of the few artists that keeps me on my toes during an interview. I never know what I am going to get, or how well I am going to set him up for a shocking response. As you will see in the second half of our video, Scott was on a mission to deliver some great laughs. He is also on a mission to deliver some hands-down-top-quality country music. His latest project Guitar For Sale is up for pre-order now and has already met its Pledge Campaign goal. The newest single "Livin This Way" is a deep song that is sure to resonate with many, making it a hit and one of the best songs out today.

Please remember to follow Scott on social media, send him a message and grab some of his music online. If you are able to catch him at one of his shows, be sure to ask him about his custom guitar strap. You will never believe the incredible story behind that little gem. Now, watch the video if you have yet to do so. I know you will be glad you did. ~Missy



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Ray Scott Tour Dates

06/21/2024 : Wind Vineyards: Tappahannock, VA
06/22/2024 : Tunnel Creek Vineyards: Roxboro, NC
07/18/2024 : Old Washington Music Fest: Old Washington, OH
07/19/2024 : Tipsy Teeze: Morgantown, WV
07/26/2024 : Private Event: Reno, NV
07/27/2024 : Private Event: Reno, NV
08/03/2024 : Randers Country Music Festival: Randers Sv,
08/09/2024 : Four Corners Music Hall & Rest: Untermeitingen,
08/10/2024 : Czyste Country Festival: Wolsztyn,
09/06/2024 : Private Event (Wedding): Burlington, NC
09/13/2024 : Odawa Casino: Petoskey, MI
09/14/2024 : Best Bear Lodge & Campground B: Irons, MI
09/20/2024 : Blue House Theatre: Warrenton, MO
09/21/2024 : Harps Lounge: Hampshire, IL
09/22/2024 : Solon American Legion Post 460: Solon, IA
09/26/2024 : Boxcars Pub and Grub: Clinton, WI
09/27/2024 : The Big Dipper: Park Falls, WI
09/28/2024 : Ryders Saloon: Henriette, MN
10/12/2024 : The Talk Shop Lounge: Saint Charles, IA
10/18/2024 : Whiskey River Tavern: Prescott, AZ
10/19/2024 : The Gateway: Springerville, AZ

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